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 Do i qualify for a mod spot or admin spot?(i own alone)

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i own alone

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PostSubject: Do i qualify for a mod spot or admin spot?(i own alone)   Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:38 pm

Your username on ThunderScape - I own alone

2. Why do you want to be a Mod or Admin? - well im a giver not a taker and helping people is what i do. i would love to be able to help people and they belive me

3. What have you done on Thunderscape to make it better? - i play almost 24/7 if people want ot know something i tell them if they wanna know were it is i show them and if they break a rule i ask them to stop doing that

4. Please state what would you do in this situation: Storyline:A player is spamming the server along with attacking NPC'S with mage, they are

harrasing other players and you. No admins are online, what would you do? - i would video it or take a screenite for evidence then i would post on forums then tell Keith on msn if he was on if not i would just wait it out and continue to ask them to stop in best way possible.

5. Have you ever been Mod or Admin on any other servers? - Yes im admin on sinscape and co owner on omniscape.

6. If you have, Name their IP to their server, or give their MSN of the server owner:,

7. Who referred you to be a Mod or Admin? i just got on the servers and earned it nice to players followed the rules never got into trouble and i just wanted to help people.

8. Have you ever broken a rule? -no i havent on this server or any other i always try to folo what the rules say even if someone is tyring to prssure me into it.

9. If you have, state it here (or skip step if you haven't)-

10. How how many hours are you on a day? - 3-8

11. Will you be active on my forums ? - Yes at the best of my ability

12. Please state your msn/aim/ or yahoo messanger so I can talk to you

13. What you can do as a Mod or Admin for the server? - help people when they need it stop rule breakers do whatever i can to make community better.

14. Do you own a server or have owned one? - no but i am a co owner to one
15. If you have, put the IP here-

16. How old are you? - 14

17. Tell alittle about yourself- like i said earlier im a giver not a taker. i have plenty of friends tht rely on me 24/7 for help and i usually fill their wants if not i do later. im tall for my age im nicest guy u can probably meet in every way thats rly all i can think of atm =/

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PostSubject: Re: Do i qualify for a mod spot or admin spot?(i own alone)   Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:40 pm

To be honest, I havent seen you really helping anybody.
But you are an active player, and we need moderators that will be on to keep order around the server, also we need people.

Anyway yes i think you deserve moderator,


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Do i qualify for a mod spot or admin spot?(i own alone)
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