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 kira 4 hidden mod

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PostSubject: kira 4 hidden mod   Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:33 pm

Your username on

ThunderScape - kira

2. Why do you want to be a

Mod or Admin? - to help the server

3. What have you done on

Thunderscape to make it

better? - help people in the way begning of it i was about the first one on i was admin then we got a new sorce and never got admin back so now im here lol.

4. Please state what would

you do in this situation:

Storyline:A player is

spamming the server along

with attacking NPC'S with

mage, they are

harrasing other players and

you. No admins are online,

what would you do? - uhh first i would warn to stop then i would kick him/her and warn agin then if they continue i will mute then ban.

5. Have you ever been Mod

or Admin on any other

servers? - yeah.

6. If you have, Name their

IP to their server, or give

their MSN of the server

owner: i was a mod thunderscape i was admin. i was owner and i was co-owner/coder.

7. Who referred you to be a

Mod or Admin?

um im sure alot of people
8. Have you ever broken a

rule? - nope

9. If you have, state it

here (or skip step if you


10. How how many hours are

you on a day? - 4-8?

11. Will you be active on

my forums ? - very active
12. Please state your

msn/aim/ or yahoo messanger

so I can talk to you -

13. What you can do as a

Mod or Admin for the

server? - reduce scamming reduce spamming reduce crupption

14. Do you own a server or

have owned one? -yes

15. If you have, put the IP

16. How old are you? -15

17. Tell alittle about

yourself- i am a 15 year old girl im labeled "scene chick" or w/e i love hockey my brother plays lol. ummmmm i like to play privite servers and meet new people Very Happy!!!
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kira 4 hidden mod
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