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 keo318 mod app

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PostSubject: keo318 mod app   Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:41 pm

im here to apply for mod lets get to the basics here my ingame name is keo318 (duhh lol) now for some advance stuff

1.i am a friendly person to get along with. honest and never lie.
3.i am active on the server most of the time.
4.i will not abuse my powers.
5.i know most of the server and where things are (ex:shops,gwd,jad,wil,etc.)
6.i will help keep thunderscape a safe environment. not an advertiser for other servers i will only advertise this server
8.i will help owner/any other admins,mods with things.
9.i respect any1 on the server. not impatient.

p.s. rogue this is a message to u this is the best server i played in 2 years. cheers cheers
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keo318 mod app
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